Archive for the ‘VW Tech Articles’ Category DIY: Changing out your fender beading without crying…too much.

Today were gonna take a look at a fairly simple change that can make a big difference in how your air-cooled VW looks. Many of us have cars that were painted with the fenders on. This is not bad at all. I had mine painted almost 10 years ago and I love it. It’s just […]

Air Cooled VW Interior Installed in Mistie.

The hands of fate and the hammer of not bickering smiled upon me recently as a long since ordered but unpaid for interior kit and my extremely busted and thrashed interior managed to come together as one so to speak. The guys at thought it would be cool to install it in my car.We […]

We are working on our Technical Articles

We have been working on our Technical Articles that we have with in the site and the forums. Currently we have close to 70 articles that have been collected over the 8 bazillion years. Lemorris had the great idea to give all the articles the same look and feel. He also wanted the text only […]

We put some vintage video’s in the Chirco forums

Have you seen the Chirco Forums recently?

Lemorris and I have been working in the Forums recently. The stats for the forums have by far exceeded our expectations we had back in 1986 when we launched it. It now has over 2 million page views with over 18,000 posts by over 1500 members. What we have tried to accomplish, is to […]

Modern Online Technology in action.

When we built the new Chirco site, we added a forum so our customers could ask questions about our parts and how to install them. It really took off and now we have our customer sharing with other customers. Searching the web, there are great forums to be found. Here are just some of our […]

Tech Tip – Checking your Floor Pans

Or you can use a jack and jack stands I guess. Tech Tip – Checking your Floor Pans was last modified: August 30th, 2008 by Administrator