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Chirco Customer Cars: Britt’s 54 RHD Oval

If you ever come to Tucson and decide to take in a local car gathering, chances are you will see Britt and his insanely clean 1954 Right-Hand Drive Oval window Bug. Britt pretty much makes it to everything! I asked him one day if he ever takes a show off and he told me “This […]

VW Baja Bug One Piece Front-End Nose Job

Naturally my first thought when I saw the Baja in the Chirco service center and the one piece Baja front-end was “Doddy-o-doe No Nose Job!”. While the reference may escape some, the opportunity to snap a few quick pics and talk about what was going to take place was quite present.   Now…the one piece […]

chirco vw parts DIY: Easy Peasy Molding and Cheezy.

Our little series of things the non-mechanic can do to improve the look of his or her aircooled vehicle continues. In this installment we’re going to do a pretty easy, non expensive upgrade that really does make a difference.  Many of us have trim/molding on our cars that has seen the wrong side of shopping […]

Chirco Builds a 1904cc Aircooled VW Engine….Then drives to Cali with it!

  So…it turns out that in addition to whatever it is I do here at, I’m also an ok car artist.  I was able to land an art for parts deal and my client sent me some of the parts I needed to turn my 1776cc into a 1904cc engine.  That’s all fine and […] DIY: Changing out your fender beading without crying…too much.

Today were gonna take a look at a fairly simple change that can make a big difference in how your air-cooled VW looks. Many of us have cars that were painted with the fenders on. This is not bad at all. I had mine painted almost 10 years ago and I love it. It’s just […]

Bugtoberfest 18!! Oct. 19-20 2013 at!!

It’s official! Registration is open!   Come on down to Tucson and spend a weekend playing VW with us. This year activities include: Oct. 19 – Scenic VW Cruise 11:30am This year we will cruise through picturesque Vail, AZ.  The 25 mile trek will show you some of the most beautiful and rugged areas […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – VW Roof Rack Redeaux

We decided it would be good to upgrade a few things on my car before we drove out to California.  The engine is one (that’s a biggie…more on that soon.)  and there are a few not so big things we thought would be fun to do.  One of those is rebuilding my roof rack, this […]