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Inattentional Vehicular Blindness (IVB): Do you have it?

So, I was sitting in my bug at a traffic light, listening to some Yacht or some other insanely cool music that I routinely  listen too and I heard a horn honking. I looked around, and didn’t see anybody. When I turned forward I saw a pretty sweet red and white bay window bus go […]

Air Cooled Gift Giving: The Justification

I just transferred some money from my Paypal to my bank account so I could get ready to go shopping for my family. It’s nice to have a tiny side gig that adds a little extra cheese to the household platter. I thought “OK…maybe I’ll buy like a big family gift…a TV…maybe a new table and […]

Vege-Mighty Baja Visits

Naturally, ships air cooled VW Parts Internationally.  It’s not uncommon for us to get orders from 5 out of 7 continents a week.   There was this one time a Penguin from the North Pole tried to order an Air cooled  VW Engine re-Build Kit, but our amazing shipper, Hoyt knew that there were no […]

Bugtoberfest 18!! October 19-20, 2013.

It’s official! Registration is open!   Come on down to Tucson and spend a weekend playing VW with us. This year activities include: Oct. 19 – Scenic VW Cruise 11:30am This year we will cruise through picturesque Vail, AZ.  The 25 mile trek will show you some of the most beautiful and rugged areas […]

Chirco Builds a 1904cc Aircooled VW Engine….Then drives to Cali with it!

  So…it turns out that in addition to whatever it is I do here at, I’m also an ok car artist.  I was able to land an art for parts deal and my client sent me some of the parts I needed to turn my 1776cc into a 1904cc engine.  That’s all fine and […]

Bugtoberfest 17! Oct. 20 – 21 @ Chirco Performance

Arizona’s “funnest” Aircooled Weekend. presents Bugtoberfest 17. October 20 – 21 2012

Karmann Ghia Raffle Winner was annouced today

The proceeds will go to the family of Will Jones and his 2 young daughters to help recover from the emotional and financial stress currently in their lives due to the passing of Veronica. Karmann Ghia Raffle Winner was annouced today was last modified: December 31st, 2011 by Administrator

Scarlett is A – ok. helps a VW Bus get home.

The reference in the title may be lost on some but the story is a great one. One morning last week when we got to work there was a bay window bus and owner sitting in the Chirco parking lot. Turns out this fella Vince was on a cross country trip that he had always […]

A nice note from a happy customer

Sales: I’ve just got to pass this along I had order a couple of brake light switches for my ’68 Bug in December. I got around to installing them on Christmas Day (for some reason?). I discovered that one of the boxes was mislabeled and I had a 2 prong switch instead of the 3 […]

Get Your Chirco Gift Certificates Now!

This year, give the air cooled enthusiast in your life something they will love. Chirco Gift Certificates are available here or Just come into the store. Get Your Chirco Gift Certificates Now! was last modified: December 3rd, 2010 by Administrator

Chirco’s 2010 Black Friday Sales Event

Huge sale this weekend! We will have up to 20% off tons of items in the store. Friday 11/26 sale starts open to close 8am – 6pm Saturday 11/27  noon – 4pm  and we invite you to bring your VWs down for a potluck.  Bring a dish to serve 6 or more and we’ll just […]

Here are before Bugtoberfest 2009 Shots.

It’s Friday afternoon before Bugtoberfest 2009. The 2.2 acres of property is squared and ready for two days of air-cooled fun. I will try to take photos from the exact locations for both the BBQ and the show for everybody.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone here. Here are before Bugtoberfest 2009 Shots. […]

Chirco’s Bugtoberfest 2009 is Ramping Up

2009 is all ready looking as it’s going to be our biggest show yet. New to this years show is a host hotel, The Eastside Hilton (See Video) The Tucson perimeter cruise is starting a bit earlier along with the Saturday night BBQ so people can relax prior to Sunday morning. This year we are […]

We have lots of questions about stock carbs recently

We have lots of questions about stock carbs recently and Joe wanted to create some video’s to help answer the main questions. These question are about these items Carburetor (31-Pict-3) Replaces All 12v 30 & 31 Pict [CPR113129029A] Carburetor 34-Pict-3 Replaces All Except Ca Models [CPR113129031K] Rebuild Kit Complete 28 Pict-1-2, 30 Pict-1, 2, 3, 34 Pict […]

Here is an Un-Boxing Video of 40 IDF Carburetor Kit

Here is an Un-Boxing Video of 40 IDF Carburetor Kit was last modified: June 27th, 2009 by Administrator

What type of cam do I have? Video

We get a lot of questions from our customers about cams and oil pumps. So Joe wanted to do a quick video to try and help explain the difference between early and late style cams and oil pumps. What type of cam do I have? Video was last modified: June 27th, 2009 by Administrator

New Chrome Coil Over Shocks in Stock

These coil over style shocks have been one of biggest sellers for years but have only come with a black body and chrome spring. This month our vendor for these shock came out with chrome bodies and chrome springs for both Link Pin/Rear and Ball Joint Front. New Chrome Coil Over Shocks in Stock was […]

The Chirco Drag Bug was on Pass Time

The show Pass Time was at SIR drag way here in Tucson awhile back and Steve of coarse had to bring the car down. In the show room, we always have the speed channel playing and the episode with the Chirco car came on. The Chirco Drag Bug was on Pass Time was last modified: […]

Finally a Reclining Off Road Seat from Corbeau Seats

Black Cloth Black Vinyl Grey Cloth Grey Vinyl Grey Vinyl Black Vinyl The Corbeau Baja RS Reclining Off Road Suspension Seat was designed for the off road enthusiasts who still want the comfort of a daily driver and the safety of suspension. We integrated our state-of-the-art reclining technology with the Baja SS Off Road seat […]

Now that was a fun Saturday afternnon

Starting right at 1pm, Joe fired up the grill and threw on some hamburgers and hot dogs. The cars had all ready started to roll in. For a long time we had wanted to do a casual BBQ on Saturdays as a way to say thanks to our customers and just have some fun. The […]