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The 66 Baja Transmorphification of Coolness: Part 1

The service department at Chirco sees a ton of projects go through it every year. It’s not uncommon for the shop guys to do 2 or 3 engine builds, 19 “make my car pass emissions”, 7 tune-ups, 6 or 7 carb rebuilds, 20 or so fix my broken cables and still put time into the […]

From Brink to Built…a Chirco Air Cooled Save-storation

This is one of those we wish we would have kinda things.  We wish we would have taken pics a few weeks ago.  We wish we would have shot video of seat construction.  We wish we would have taken a few pics before it left and made a quick blog post about what happe….oh…wait….we can […]

chirco vw parts DIY: Easy Peasy Molding and Cheezy.

Our little series of things the non-mechanic can do to improve the look of his or her aircooled vehicle continues. In this installment we’re going to do a pretty easy, non expensive upgrade that really does make a difference.  Many of us have trim/molding on our cars that has seen the wrong side of shopping […]

Chirco Builds a 1904cc Aircooled VW Engine….Then drives to Cali with it!

  So…it turns out that in addition to whatever it is I do here at, I’m also an ok car artist.  I was able to land an art for parts deal and my client sent me some of the parts I needed to turn my 1776cc into a 1904cc engine.  That’s all fine and […] DIY: Changing out your fender beading without crying…too much.

Today were gonna take a look at a fairly simple change that can make a big difference in how your air-cooled VW looks. Many of us have cars that were painted with the fenders on. This is not bad at all. I had mine painted almost 10 years ago and I love it. It’s just […]

Adding Luggage to your Aircooled VW Deck Lid Rack… Style

Having a piece of luggage strapped to your roof rack or in this case your deck lid rack on your Aircooled VW is nothing new. It’s a classic look that has been around for decades and there are countless ways to do it. We thought it would be cool to show you how we did […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – A Visit to Rancho

As I pulled up in front of Rancho, I remembered that I have had my freeway flyer for a couple few years and I love it….matter of fact most of the VW folk I know run Rancho trannys. Mike met me at the counter and acted as my tour guide. I saw more tranny cores […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – A Visit to TMI

You know, you might think visiting TMI would just be like visiting any vendor…right? Well…I was not aware of the sheer magnitude nor was I prepared for the moment Aaron opened the door and there I stood above the factory floor of TMI. I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory. It was tremendous. The […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – Cruise to California Part 2

On paper the next leg didn’t look too bad. 42 miles to Banning via PalmSprings and then cut through the Moreno Valley and drop into the SoCal area…..Wrong!!! There’s a reason they have those giant Mercedes logo windmill things in Indio. The winds were high but nothing like recent events. (Our hearts go out to […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – Cruise to California Part 1

First lets start with the pre-trip stuff. Before heading on a 400+ mile road trip in an air cooled VW, there’s a few things you need. Parts of you need to be made of steel, if you get my drift. You need a good plan You need water…yes we live in the desert, and You […] 2013 VW Classic Tour – Picture Break

Bob admires his handy work. We think it’s time we amped it up and showed you the complete motor build. This is one of our favorite shots. 2013 VW Classic Tour – Picture Break was last modified: June 1st, 2013 by Administrator 2013 VW Classic Tour – VW Roof Rack Redeaux

We decided it would be good to upgrade a few things on my car before we drove out to California.  The engine is one (that’s a biggie…more on that soon.)  and there are a few not so big things we thought would be fun to do.  One of those is rebuilding my roof rack, this […]

AirCooled VW Parts Finder is being created by Chirco Staff

The staff here at Chirco is always trying to find ways to make finding parts for our Air cooled VW or Dune Buggy customers easier. Our current project is the New Parts Finder that is being built by the staff here.  We are using exploded view images of sections of beetles and linking them to […]

Air Cooled VW Interior Installed in Mistie.

The hands of fate and the hammer of not bickering smiled upon me recently as a long since ordered but unpaid for interior kit and my extremely busted and thrashed interior managed to come together as one so to speak. The guys at thought it would be cool to install it in my car.We […]

We are working on our Technical Articles

We have been working on our Technical Articles that we have with in the site and the forums. Currently we have close to 70 articles that have been collected over the 8 bazillion years. Lemorris had the great idea to give all the articles the same look and feel. He also wanted the text only […]

Just for joining the Chirco eStore you will receive,,

Chirco Performance and Restoration rewards you for becoming a registered member to our estore with a 10% discount coupon just type in newmember. Just for joining the Chirco eStore you will receive: A 10% discount code Access to all the benefits of the the eStore, like the wish list and the ability to view your […]

Chirco’s Air cooled Technical Forums hit 4,000,000 page views.

Two and a half years ago when we upgraded the software behind, we decided to also add in forum software to create a place where our customers could ask questions about our parts. We knew that we had a bunch of customers that viewed the site during hours we were closed, so they were […]

Why the staff at enjoys Facebook?

When we first started using Facebook, we thought it would be a good sideline way to assist in the promotion of our company and the estore. To get a business page you have to have a personal page first, so OK I’ll sign up and see how it goes. Then it’s off to uploading […]

Becoming a registered member on

Sean and Lemorris put together a fun video of some of the benefits of becoming a member of the web site. The item that I feel most of our customers miss, is the wish list option. I have been to thousands of site to browse around and window shop. Then when it comes time […]

A Piece of Tucson VW History

Here is our latest Barn find. A Piece of Tucson VW History was last modified: August 30th, 2008 by Administrator