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Bugtoberfest 2018 Weekend Kick Off Starts With The Red Barn Roundup.  Oct. 19 – 21 The Red Barn Roundup All you Type 2 folk can camp on the property next door to Chirco. Last year’s events included live music, raffles, prizes and an extreme amount of fun. Please contact Juergen 520-906-0757 or for more […]

10 things every air cooled VW Bug owner will encounter at some point, and how to deal with them. Part 2.

Once again, the following list is absolute fact!!… with several intentional un-truths and exaggerations thrown in for peaceful purposes only, ok? Here we go. 5: The “No I don’t really need to see your license or registration, I just pulled you over to look at your car” deal. I like police officers…don’t get me wrong. […]

Brian’s Buggy is looking great!!

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Bugtoberfest 19: The Re-cap

If you’ve never been to the Bugtoberfest Aircooled Automotive Showcase weekend well….I feel sorry for you. I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s pure unadulterated pity on your poor person for never having had the opportunity to experience what is one of the most unique air cooled enthusiasts weekends in this part of […]

Dubs and Dogs 1: Coolness/Cuteness Overload

Gravy Train!! That’s what is was! I remember that dude on the Chuck Wagon zippin cross the kitchen floor and those dogs sliding to a stop as the Chuck Wagon guy disappeared into the cabinet. Then the lovely Vanna White hand would open the cabinet door and there in all its majestic glory was a […]

Bugtoberfest 19 Time!! October 18-19 2014

It’s official! 10/18 Crosstown Cruise 10/18 Joe’s World Famous BBQ 10/19 19th Annual Bugtoberfest Register day of show! Oct. 18 – Scenic VW Cruise 12pm This year we will cruise through picturesque Vail, AZ. The 25 mile trek will show you some of the most beautiful and rugged areas in the Sonoran Desert.The cruise will end […]

2014 Summer Cruise: Tucson to Tahoe in an Air Cooled VW – Part 3

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine The more I read that quote the more I see into it. Maybe travel means more than the academically accepted definition. I don’t think Augustine was just talking about going from one place to another. I think he […]

2014 Summer Cruise: Tucson to Tahoe in an Air Cooled VW – Part 2

The World is a book, and those who do not travel (insert the words “to Tahoe”) read only a page. Saint Augustine…and me. 🙂 I think the thing that is most striking about Lake Tahoe is the color. It almost looks like it’s not real. Like it’s a Frazetta painting or something that you could […]

2014 Summer Cruise: Tucson to Tahoe in an Air Cooled VW – Part 1

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine How true is that?!?! The Second Annual Summer Cruise took me through more “pages” than even the 2000 miles suggested it would.   Looking back, I do kinda feel like that astronaut gal a few  years back […]

German Toyz Visits Chirco

Arizona is fortunate to have so many active aircooled VW clubs in our state. The great climate and great people combine to make great VW enthusiasts. One of our states most active and happening clubs is named German Toyz. Now, I will admit…I have a few amazing friends within this group so while I may […]

Highschoolers Build a Barret-Jackson Karmann Ghia

According to one my high school teachers, if being distracted was paid in gold…I’d be Midas.  🙂 I only say that because it really is amazing to think that the students of the AC3 class at Cienega High School in Vail, AZ,  spent nearly 6 years putting together one of the nicest Ghias we have […]

VW Baja Bug One Piece Front-End Nose Job

Naturally my first thought when I saw the Baja in the Chirco service center and the one piece Baja front-end was “Doddy-o-doe No Nose Job!”. While the reference may escape some, the opportunity to snap a few quick pics and talk about what was going to take place was quite present.   Now…the one piece […]

Bruce Meyers…yes “THE” Bruce Meyers visits

Earlier this fall was privileged to be the first stop on the Manx Clubs Sea to Sea Safari. Legendary car builder, entrepreneur, inventor, international man of mystery and father of the Dune Buggy, Bruce Meyers led the Manx Club on a cross country cruise. Now…all of us at Chirco know the Bruce Meyers story […]

Bugtoberfest 18 Cruise Video

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chirco vw parts DIY: Easy Peasy Molding and Cheezy.

Our little series of things the non-mechanic can do to improve the look of his or her aircooled vehicle continues. In this installment we’re going to do a pretty easy, non expensive upgrade that really does make a difference.  Many of us have trim/molding on our cars that has seen the wrong side of shopping […]

Bugtoberfest 17! Oct. 20 – 21 @ Chirco Performance

Arizona’s “funnest” Aircooled Weekend. presents Bugtoberfest 17. October 20 – 21 2012

Chirco’s Air Cooled VW Technical Forum’s are over a Million Page Views

Back in March of 2006 the staff at Chirco Performance had an idea on how to help answer questions about Air Cooled VW’s for people who view the site during hours our store is closed and launched the Chirco forum boards.  Back then these types of tools were not as popular as they were now […]

Chirco maintains their Top Rated Seller status on ebay

Taking care of customers has always been our main priority here at Chirco Performance. With our online sales of Air-Cooled VW and Dune Buggy parts continuing to grow on and an very sizable increase in over the phone orders, we constantly review our processes all the way through to make sure our customers get […]

Karmann Ghia Raffle Winner was annouced today

The proceeds will go to the family of Will Jones and his 2 young daughters to help recover from the emotional and financial stress currently in their lives due to the passing of Veronica. Karmann Ghia Raffle Winner was annouced today was last modified: December 31st, 2011 by Administrator

We have lowered the shipping costs on

We are always very focused on how to pass our savings on to our customers. We have just added another way by decreasing the shipping rates on . These saving can be view logged in or when your just browsing. At anytime to see the shipping cost to your door, just click the “Buy […]