Air-Cooled Tech Articles

We have compilied some information that we hope can be helpful.

6 to 12v Conversion

Adjusting Your Valves Videos

Adjustment of “Single-Screw” Carburetors

Adjustment of “Two-Screw” Carburetors

Air Cooled VW Crankcase Ventilation

Alternator Wiring Guide

Automatic Choke Adjustment

Basic Trouble Shooting-Air Cooled VW Engine

Boxing Rear IRS Trailing Arms and Triple Shock Mounts

Carburetor Set Up and Adjustment 34 ICT

Carburetor Adjustment -28 30 31 34 pict

How to Synchronize Dual Carburetors 

IDF Carburetors Low Speed Circuit Tuning

Ignition Timing Videos

Installing a Beetle Headliner

Maintenece Schedules

Needle Valve Washers

Progressive Weber Carburetor Set Up

Re-assembling a Crankshaft

Re-assembling – Rockers Arms

Removing an Engine from a Beetle

Replacement of the front wheel bearings

Sticking Needle Valve

Stock Carb Adjustment Videos

Tech Article – Clutch – Inspection, Removal and Installation

Tech Article – Clutch cable – removal and installation

Tech Article – Spring plate/torsion bar removal.

Tech Video – How to perform a front brake job

Testing your Coil

Torque Specifications for type 1 – 3

Trouble Shooting – Transmission

Trouble Shooting – Air Cooled VW Brakes

Trouble Shooting – Cooling system

Trouble Shooting – Fuel system

Tuning the 009 Dist/34 PICT Carburetor

Valve Adjustment Procedure

Weber Carb Tuning Info